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Safe In 60: What You Should Do If You Witness a Crash

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Drivers involved in a crash don’t always agree on what happened. That’s why an impartial witness can be so important.

If you see a crash and have information that can be helpful, you should stop. But make sure you’re not putting yourself in danger.

Pull over to a safe area, turn on your flashing lights and leave enough room for emergency vehicles to respond.

If there isn’t a shoulder or another area that’s safe to pullover, drive to a nearby location and notify police that you are a witness. An officer will either meet you or call you for a statement.

Give police as much information as you remember. If you have any video of the crash, let them know.

If you’re on the scene of a crash with injuries, call 911 to make sure emergency responders are on the way. Never move an injured person unless absolutely necessary, like if the vehicle is on fire.

It’s important to remember: A witness is not legally obligated to stay at the scene. But your unbiased account could make a difference for the victims.

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