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Know Your Script: Talk To Your Doctor About Opioid Alternatives

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – It’s important to know about your prescriptions — specifically opioids.

While the use of illicit medications continues to rise, the most overdose deaths in Utah are a result of prescription drugs.

Prevention starts in the doctor’s office by speaking out and asking your provider questions.

“Before we are prescribed an opioid, it’s always best to ask, ‘Is this truly necessary for me? Is there something else that could be prescribed instead?'” said Kim Campagni, a pain management specialist at Intermountain Healthcare.

She said often over-the-counter medications are sufficient in relieving a patient’s discomfort.

While it’s natural to trust your doctor, she said it’s important to have an open dialogue about your concerns before you leave the office.

Patients need to speak up, she said, and ask doctors about alternatives, side effects, and risks of opioids.

“Make sure we’re having those conversations with our doctors,” Campagni said.

She encouraged those who do choose to take an opioid to identify a plan with their doctors to taper off.

To learn more about opioid safety, 

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