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Construction Workers Hailed As Heroes For Helping Woman After Pioneer Park Stabbing

SALT LAKE CITY — Police are crediting a crew of construction workers with possibly saving a woman’s life as they investigate a stabbing in Salt Lake City’s Pioneer Park on Thursday morning.

“Not what I was expecting today for sure,” said Justin Fuertes, who was working on a construction crew that morning when he found himself answering the call for help.

Fuertes pulled into work at a new build site across the street from Pioneer Park on Broadway in downtown Salt Lake City when he said he spotted a few of his coworkers gathered around a woman.

“At that time, I didn’t know how bad it was — it was bad,” said Fuertes.

“Sure enough, she’d been stabbed multiple times, clothes covered in blood and in a state of shock for sure,” said Ryan Gorzitze, Fuertes’ coworker.

Justin rushed to get a first-aid kit from his truck.

“I gave one of the guys gloves, I put on some gloves and then… He went back to apply pressure to the lady’s arm to stop the bleeding,” Fuertes said.

Fuertes said the woman also had a stab wound to her stomach.

“Right in her stomach… That guy had a big knife,” Fuertes said.

That’s when Fuertes said the victim pointed to a man. “She pointed out to the guy who was sitting underneath a tree and said, ‘That’s the guy who stabbed me.’”

The crew watched as officers approached the man. Fuertes said they told police he might have a knife. He said they heard police tell the man to drop his weapon repeatedly but he didn’t obey their commands.

“He ran towards the officers with the knife, that’s when everything… shots were fired,” Fuertes said.

The man died on scene and the woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition.

Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown credited the workers with saving the woman’s life during a press briefing on Thursday.

“If not for the actions of bystanders rendering aid, she may have died from these injuries,” Brown said. “I want to thank the courageous construction workers who did not hesitate to provide her aid. I really and truly believe you saved a life today.”

However, Fuertes said the credit goes to the woman fighting for her life.

“I just did everything I could to help,” Fuertes said. “I really hope she makes it. Prayers for her for sure so she can recover — I’m no hero.” Fuertes said.

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