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Four Richfield Homes Flooded, Streets Left A Muddy Mess After Powerful Storm

RICHFIELD, Utah — At least four homes saw flooding damage and numerous streets were left a muddy mess after a powerful storm pounded the community Thursday afternoon.

Much of the city also experienced a brief power outage, but power was restored to most people by 3:30 p.m., according to Lt. Jason Haywood with the Richfield Police Department.

Haywood said the west side of town was hit the hardest.

At Sandy’s Drive Inn, Amber Boyter said the rain started pouring in the middle of the lunch rush.

“It just started coming down,” she said. “We had leaks in our building, so we started bringing out water buckets to the lobby. The power went out shortly after, so we were cooking by candlelight.”

Then, Boyter said, workers began to notice that the back of the restaurant was beginning to flood.

“We went back there and there was just water pouring in every direction, so me and the big boss started emptying buckets as fast as we could and trying to sweep it outside as we were going. It was probably about 25 minutes of that.”

Mud caked onto sidewalks and streets across a large area. Haywood said at least four homes saw flooding damage.

One video sent to KSL showed an entire backyard flooded.

“It’s the topic of the town — it’s all over Facebook right now,” Boyter shrugged. “Usually (the flooding) is up by the freeway more and usually it’s the other end of town. This is weird for it to happen to us.”

Boyter said she hadn’t seen a storm like this for a couple of years. The last swamped another area of the county.

“It was crazy!” Boyter said. “We needed the rain, but maybe not all at once.”

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