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Hundreds of high school students will get International Baccalaureate Credit During State Transition

SALT LAKE CITY – Hundreds of recent graduates and diploma recipients of the International Baccalaureate who thought their credits were being stripped will get their earned credits after all.

The International Baccalaureate Program is a rigorous, internationally recognized diploma that promises at least 30 college credits. Nine high schools in Utah offer the program.

Last week, graduates received a confusing email that said the program had changed and those changes would mean fewer college credits.

“That email comes notifying us of these changes. Total surprise. Totally unexpected,” Charlie Sumpter said.

His daughter Hailee worked hard the past two years to earn the diploma and the college credits. Now, she believes she will earn just nine college credits.

“I was so upset,” Hailee said.

The email implied that a new state initiative intended to standardize classes across Utah schools would make the IB Diploma not worth as much.

“We’ve been reaching out for answers – and the answers we’ve gotten have been very vague,” Charlie said.

KSL TV reached out to the registrar at the University of Utah who said this is a transition period, but the credits will be rewarded.

“Please don’t panic. We are going to make it right,” Timothy Ebner said.  “We want to validate the credit that you’ve earned.”

Ebner also said IB Diploma holders headed to the University of Utah will receive their 30 credits and encouraged confused students and families to call the registrar at the college they’ve chosen.

Ebner told KSL TV the plan, at least at the University of Utah is to clearly define the program after the next two incoming classes so high school students know exactly what to expect.

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