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The Untold Story

Susan Powell Case Files

  • Remembering Susan Powell’s Sons Seven Years After Their Murder

    In a story filled with twists and turns, it was the turn no one saw coming.
  • Charlie Powell’s Story

    In the hours after Josh Powell returned from a mid-winter camping trip with his two young sons, and without his wife, police were desperate for clues as to where she could be. When Josh wasn’t helpful, investigators hoped the boys could give them answers.
  • Odd Document, Behavior At Son’s School Noted In Susan Powell Case

    A surprising document from the Susan Powell case files has provided insights into the mind of Josh Powell after his wife went missing. It revealed one of several odd behaviors involving the elementary school where son Charlie attended. 
  • To this day, no one knows what this piece of evidence is.

    Evidence In Susan Powell Case Police Could Never Identify

    Blackened, charred and burned beyond recognition, this single piece of evidence from the Susan Powell case could hold answers to what really happened to her. To this day, no one knows what it is.
  • COLD: The Cost of Domestic Abuse

    You can hear more about Susan's fears in the final months before she disappeared in Episode 3 of the COLD podcast, available now on all major podcast platforms and at
  • COLD: Inside The Mind Of Steven Powell

    KSL’s new investigative podcast series Cold enters its 2nd week with more bombshell revelations, this time dealing not with Josh Powell, but instead his father, Steven.
  • The "Cold" podcast obtains exclusive access to never-before-released audio and video recordings made by Josh Powell and his father, Steven Powell, years before the Dec. 7, 2009, disappearance of Susan Cox Powell.

    ‘Wake Up, Little Susie’: Second Episode Of ‘Cold’ Podcast Drops

    Episode 2 of "Cold," titled "Wake up, Little Susie," delves into the obsession Josh Powell's father, Steven, had with Susan.
  • Former Girlfriend: Josh Powell Kept Me ‘On A Short Leash’

    In the years since Susan Powell disappeared hundreds of tips, interviews and searches have come up empty. There's been no sign of the mother of two since 2009 but her story has stayed in the headlines.