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Boys Hand Out Valentine’s Day Flowers To Every Girl At School

BRIGHAM CITY, Utah – Six boys in Brigham City used Valentine’s Day as a chance to lift up every girl at their school – teachers included. They spent the day handing out nearly 600 flowers.

The effort took some time, planning and a lofty fundraising effort.

Kaden Kimber raised $380 to buy the flowers. His grandpa donated $200 of that.

“A lot of his ideas take some funds, so it’s a little bit pricey for mom and dad,” said Kaden’s mom, Sherrie Kimber.

“We are giving a flower to every girl in the school,” said Kaden Kimber.

Like many good ideas, this one came from a conversation with his mother.

“Mom was telling me how Valentine’s Day is super hard for girls, because some boys don’t say yes to their valentines, or don’t do anything,” Kaden said.

Kaden turned to five of his best friends for help.

They put extra thought into compliments cards given with the Valentine’s Day flowers – sweet stuff to make all of the girls at Adele C Young Intermediate School feel good.

The boys said it was a bit awkward, but they braved through the “weirdness” and made each delivery in person.

Based on the wise words of Kaden’s mom, the boys knew Valentine’s Day should be special.

“It was cool, because I’ve never actually gotten a flower on Valentine’s Day before, so I thought it was actually kind of nice that they did that,” said Tiane Noorda, a student at the school and recipient of one of the flowers.

As tough as the romantic gesture might be for a bunch of 6th and 7th grade boys, they said it was important to send the message, that each of the girls is worth it.

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