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Veteran’s Stolen American Flag Replaced In Surprise Ceremony

PLEASANT GROVE, Utah – A Pleasant Grove man was disheartened to see his American flag had been stolen, only to be surprised with a new flag and his own patriotic parade. 

In almost any Utah neighborhood, you’re likely going to see an American flag. 

Merrill Ewell, 89, loves seeing the red, white and blue.

“Beautiful, isn’t it? I’ll say,” said Merrill while sitting on his front porch. 

Ewell served in the National Guard during the Korean War. 

He was upset when he noticed the flag outside his Pleasant Grove home had been stolen recently. 

“They took the rope and everything,” said Ewell. 

His granddaughter posted the story on social media. 

There was no way for them to know what would happen next. 

“First of all, I was so surprised,” said Ewell. “I just couldn’t believe that people would have been that interested in it.” 

Thursday night, the group Follow the Flag saw the story on social media and brought a new American flag to Ewell. 

They performed a ceremony and raised the star-spangled banner on his front yard flagpole. 

There was even a parade of cars for Ewell, many with American flags, that drove past his home and honked horns just to let him know they care. 

“I didn’t think this would amount to anything, but my heck, they had cars lined up and down the street,” said Ewell with a laugh. “They had to stop the traffic because there were so many people and cars.” 

Seeing Ewell with tears in his eyes meant the world to his son. 

“This was huge for him. It meant a lot,” said Aaron Ewell. 

Ewell said the American flag and a “Donald Trump 2020” flag were stolen after the Trump flag went up.

He said whoever did it actually brought people together instead of dividing them. 

“I don’t think we are as divided as we think we are,” said Aaron Ewell. “I wouldn’t have minded if cars would’ve went by with Joe Biden flags and an American flag. It just means they love this country, too.” 

Because, at the end of the day, we’re all Americans. 

Plus, an 89-year old veteran should be able to see an American flag whenever he wants to. 

“It means everything,” said Merrill Ewell. “It’s freedom.”

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