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Two Dogs Blamed For Deaths Of Dozens Of Animals In Hyrum

HYRUM, Utah – Officials have fined the owners of two dogs they said have attacked and killed about 30 family pets. Many animal owners in the Cache County neighborhood said that’s not enough.

Not only did they lose thousands of dollars’ worth of animals, in some cases those were pets, and all meant something to someone.

They’re concerned the owners of those two dogs may not be held accountable.

Kaitlyn Isaac said her two alpacas – Dolly and Flossie – were part of the family.

“My great-grandmother’s name – her nickname was Flossie, so my alpaca was named after my great-grandmother,” she said.

Recently, they were found mauled one afternoon. Isaac learned two dogs were being blamed for those animal deaths, along with dozens of others.

“Coming home to find them mangled to death was very traumatic,” she said.

The Belgian Malnois and a pitbull mix officials said were responsible have been euthanized and their owners fined.

Isaac said more should be done, if some of that loss across town could have been avoided.

“It’s really the owners that are responsible for their dogs’ behavior, and not necessarily the dogs’ fault, you know?” she said.

Kip Farmer wondered the same thing. One of his sheep was found dead in the pasture. Three others were so badly injured they had to be put down.

“I knew that there was nothing I could do to patch them up,” he said.

A fifth sheep apparently escaped the attack and was still missing.

Farmer was convinced the owners must have seen the dogs come home with evidence – blood.

“Instead of turning a blind-eye, and thinking, ‘Oh, my dog’s never going to do that,’ face up to the fact, you know? Own it,” he said.

Farmer said had he known the attacks were happening, he wouldn’t have put his sheep out.

He said the city should have put out a warning earlier.

A city attorney was considering whether to pursue additional charges against the dog owners, and whether restitution would be a part of that.

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