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Officials Issue Warning After Search And Rescue Tied To $10,000 Treasure Hunt

SALT LAKE COUNTYThe Wasatch Mountains have long been considered Utah’s outdoor playground, but for the past eight days, they’ve become a treasure map. A treasure chest filled with $10,000 is hiding somewhere out there, but a lot of people have been running into trouble trying to find that money.

The Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team was called to Ferguson Canyon over the weekend to rescue one of those treasure hunters. They said he wasn’t the only one ill-prepared.

“Saturday, there were a lot of people in this particular canyon, Ferguson Canyon, and they were all out looking for the treasure,” said Wayne Bassham, commander for the SLCO Sheriff’s Search and Rescue crew.

Bassham said one family was hiking in a rocky cliff area with a lot of switchbacks, when a boulder came down on a man’s leg.

“Come to find out he was one of those that was looking for the treasure,” said Bassham.

Nearly 25 rescuers came to help. It took them five hours to bring the 49-year-old man down the canyon.

Authorities said while they were up there, they ran into two dozen other hikers looking for the treasure.

“Most of the people that were up there on Saturday were not prepared,” said Bassham. “We had several individuals asking our rescuers for additional water.”

Lack of water was the biggest issue, but rescuers said people should also be armed with flashlights, food, proper footwear, back-up batteries for your cell phone and a hiking partner.

The two men who kicked off this treasure hunt, David Cline and John Maxim, were actually wearing sandals when they hid the $10,000. They said it’s not hidden in extremely rugged terrain, so keep that in mind if you decide to go out looking.

“We’re glad that people are getting out and they’re hiking around and they’re exercising,” said Bassham. “If they need our help, we’ll be there.”

As of Monday, the treasure still hadn’t been found.

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