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Deanie Wimmer

Majority of Americans, especially women, feel overwhelmed by group texts

Group texts can be hard to navigate because they come from our closest family members and friends. A social media researcher and an etiquette expert recommend using boundaries and technology to take control, without ruining relationships.
7 days ago

A ‘lethal combination’: Domestic violence and guns in Utah

Utah isn’t strict on enforcement when it comes to domestic violence protective orders and firearms. The KSL Investigators dig into the state’s approach, along with a legal battle that could upend policies laws nationwide.
15 days ago

New legislation and millions planned to improve safety for students walking to school

Neighbors have resources to make their communities safer if they know where to ask. In addition to money for infrastructure improvements and training, proposed legislation would ticket speeders via radar cameras.
19 days ago

High stakes of kindergarten readiness; what Utah schools are doing to improve student performance

Ready for kindergarten used to mean a child turned five by the cutoff date. But as the stakes and expectations get higher, teachers are encountering some surprising behaviors.
2 months ago

Pickleball turf wars: how a popular sport is creating competition for community court space

The fastest growing sport in the country is creating a growing need for court space. As Utah communities rush to find solutions, it’s creating competition with more established sports.
6 months ago

Utah lawmaker questions schools leaving money on the table for mental health screenings

Schools screen vision and hearing, so why not mental health? While funding is available, most Utah schools do not take part in a state program to provide mental health screenings in school, even though suicide is the number one cause of death among Utah teens.
7 months ago

KSL+: The longest serving woman in the legislature

The 2023 legislative session ended with some historic legislation. It was also historic for another reason.
9 months ago

Former KSL anchor avoids life-changing surgery by learning genetic risk

The country’s largest DNA study, conducted in Utah, shows potential to revolutionize healthcare treatments and costs.
9 months ago

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss makes history as Utah’s longest serving female legislator

Rep. Spackman Moss finds success by winning over her constituency, whether teenage students, Holladay voters or fellow lawmakers.
9 months ago

Win or lose, Rose Bowl boosts U of U at almost every level

Even though the Rose Bowl game didn't go Utah's way, it still delivers what University President Taylor Randall calls a "halo effect" to nearly every aspect of the school. 
11 months ago

‘Team mom’ status brings comfort to aunt of late Utah player, Ty Jordan

Ty Jordan's aunt, Takka Jordan, still keeps in contact with the players and coaches, attends games and relishes the title of "team mom."
11 months ago

After her cousin was killed by an ex, Utah’s Lt. Gov. says Utah must take action on domestic violence

Four months after a Utah woman was killed by an ex-husband, her family hopes the case will spark change to Utah laws to better protect others from domestic violence.
11 months ago

KSL’s Deanie Wimmer sits down with new coach of Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz play their first home game of a new season this week with a mostly new team and a new head coach. KSL's Deanie Wimmer sat down with him for a one-on-one interview.
1 year ago

Chronic Absenteeism leads to rise in F grades in most of Utah’s largest school districts

Schools all over Utah are dealing with the problem of chronic absenteeism. Educators are seeing thousands of absences, and as a result, failing grades.
1 year ago

How Utah schools updated security in the wake of Uvalde

KSL surveyed Utah schools based on the findings of the "Robb Report," Texas lawmakers' analysis of what went wrong in Uvalde, to learn what changes have been made in our state.
1 year ago

Too many texts: Cellphone experiment shows impact on learning

Cellphones are a distraction in school. That well-researched fact surprises no one. What may be a surprise is to what extent they impact concentration.
2 years ago

New aptitude tests help match Utah students with careers

Utah has a new tool to better help its high school students plan for their future.
2 years ago

Social media gives behind the scenes look at Team USA in Beijing

Much of our lives revolves around social media. Liking, retweeting, snapping, swiping right — it's all a normal part of the day. But it's also giving us a behind the scenes look at a day in the life of Team USA athletes during their time in Beijing.
2 years ago

The affordable home challenge: See what a Utah homebuyer can find for $350K

Does finding an affordable home for your family seem like a hopeless challenge? See what options are available for $350K across the state, and what advice realtors have for homebuyers.
2 years ago

Utah charity group collecting emergency supplies for Tonga

Charity group Honor 365, which helps veterans, first responders and their families, has created a way people can help and send supplies to Tonga.
2 years ago

While Olympic venues sit mostly unused, Utah’s face a different problem

Olympic venues are the legacy of every host city. But Utah’s venues face the opposite situation of many around the world: They are almost too much in high-demand.
2 years ago

Upgrades at Utah’s Olympic Park lead to record times 

Utah's Olympic venues were state of the art for the Winter Games in 2002. Thanks to a multi-million-dollar upgrade at Utah Olympic Park, some facilities are like-new and already paying dividends in record times. 
2 years ago

New U of U president shares his goals, plans for the university

Classes begin Monday at the University of Utah, and with this new school year comes a new president. KSL's Deanie Wimmer sat down with Dr. Taylor Randall to talk about his goals for the university.
2 years ago

Utah School Districts Prepare After Thousands Of Children Skipped Kindergarten

Enrollment numbers show thousands of Utah children missed out on kindergarten last year because of the pandemic, which could impact their learning for years to come. So, will they be ready or not as students head back to school?
2 years ago