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Karate Grandma
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Layton Woman Breaks Through Stereotypes, Receives Fifth-Degree Black Belt At 83

LAYTON, Utah — If you have ever been nervous about trying something new, one Layton woman may help change that. Carole Taylor is 83 years old and said 15 years ago, she needed a change.

“They say when you get past 60 you should do something you’ve never done before to keep those passages in your brain active,” Taylor said. “I thought I should do that.”

Taylor joined her granddaughter Sierra’s karate class in Layton. Since then, she has earned five black belts along with the nickname “Karate Grandma.”

This weekend Taylor received her fifth-degree black belt in Las Vegas from one of the most well-known faces in martial arts — Chuck Norris. Norris told her she was an inspiration to him.

“He just has such a loving heart, and his family is so wonderful,” Taylor said. “They just really really care.”

Taylor is punching away stereotypes and showing people it is never too late to make a change.

“I get a kick out of my girls saying, ‘My mom is 83 years old and could kick you.’”

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