Jon Accarrino

AARP Report: 40% of Latinos Targeted By Scam Calls or Online Scams

According to the AARP’s latest report, 40% of African-American and Latino adults have been targeted by a scam, and 20% of those who have been targeted have lost money because of one.
3 years ago

How to Watch RSL on KSL, FAQs & Troubleshooting Tips

KSL TV and are proud to partner with Real Salt Lake to bring you live digital coverage of team's games. There are a number of ways to watch on your digital devices.
4 years ago

Can You Master This 10 Question Hiking Quiz?

Do you think you are out hiking enough that you can answer this 10 question hiking quiz on some of the best locations around the country to see and conquor?
5 years ago

RSL Adds Mike Petke Coaches Show to KSL TV App

This week RSL debuted a new playlist in the KSL app called the "Mike Petke Coaches Show". The "Mike Petke Show" is a weekly series hosted by the voice of Real Salt Lake, Brian Dunseth.
6 years ago

Broadway At The Eccles: 2018 Season Preview

KSL-TV takes you behind the scenes and behind the stories of the Broadway shows headed to The Eccles Theatre in the 2018-2019 season.
6 years ago

Warm Up This Christmas With The KSL Yule Log

Grab a blanket and turn on your streaming device. The annual KSL Yule Log is back for the holiday season and available in the KSL mobile and TV apps.
6 years ago

3 Reasons To Visit Yellowstone In The Winter, NOT The Summer

One of the best times of year to visit Yellowstone National Park is in the winter. From beautiful snow landscapes to big discounts and smaller crowds, vacationing in Yellowstone National Park during the winter can be an unforgettable experience.
7 years ago

How to make Chuck-A-Rama’s famous chuckwagon beans

One of the best things at Chuck-A-Rama is their famous Chuckwagon Beans. Here's how to make their hardy down-home recipe for your friends and family in your own kitchen.
7 years ago

An Artistic Vision: The First-Ever Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York City

The first-ever Mormon Arts Center Festival in New York City united artists, scholars, and musicians to show Mormon Art. This gathering helped to elevate the concept of Mormon Art.
7 years ago

A New Generation of Genealogy: How Technology Is Making Family History Research Fun And Memorable

A New Generation of Genealogy: KSL-TV documentary on how modern technology is making your family history research fun, engaging and memorable.
7 years ago

To The Rescue: A Call To Service To Help Refugees

Since members of the LDS Church were called upon to reach out to refugees, incredible efforts have taken place both around the world and closer to home. In this KSL documentary, see how this call to service has inspired many people to step outside their comfort zones to help those most in need.
7 years ago

Choosing Happy: How To Find It Even When Things Are Hard

What makes you truly happy?  Is it genetic, and out of your control? Who are the happiest people in the world? KSL's Michelle King talked to three experts and got some great happiness tips. They go through hard times, but always find a way to choose "happy".
7 years ago

50 Years of Miracles: The Mormon Miracle Pageant at Manti Temple

Once a year the quiet community of Manti Utah is transformed into a hub of activity as thousands of people from around the world flock there to experience the Mormon Miracle Pageant at the foot of the Manti Temple.
7 years ago

KSL’s Documentary Schedule For General Conference October 2017

KSL has new and exciting ways to watch General Conference this year. In addition to KSL-TV 5's broadcast coverage, General Conference will also be streamed live in the KSL-TV mobile and Connected TV apps (iOS, Android, Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV). No cable subscription required. And don't worry if you miss anything or want to watch again later. All sessions and KSL Conference documentaries will also be available in the app on-demand.
7 years ago

The Piano Guys: The Miracle Of Music Documentary

Can classical music be "cool"? It already is if you talk to The Piano Guys or any of their millions of fans around the world. Their classical spin on popular pop songs has hit a chord with people around the world.
7 years ago

Did You Miss The General Women’s Session? Watch Now in the KSL App

Did you miss any of the October 2017 General Women's Session? You can watch it on-demand in the KSL TV smartphone and Connected TV app.
7 years ago

KSL Outdoors Announces New Podcast and App Sponsorship with King’s Camo

KSL-TV is excited to announce the debut of the KSL Outdoors with Adam Eakle podcast. Fans of the show will now be able to enjoy downloadable episodes in locations without streaming Internet access including on hunting or fishing trips.
7 years ago

More Ways to Watch Studio 5 with Brooke Walker: Podcast & Apps

Watch Studio 5 with Brooke Walker whenever you want. Just download the free KSL app (Apple TV, Fire, Roku, iOS, Android) or subscribe to the Studio 5 podcast.
7 years ago

KSL’s Broadcast and Digital Coverage of The Great American Eclipse (2017)

You can watch all of KSL-TV's coverage of The Great American Eclipse on KSL-TV channel 5 in Salt Lake City, Utah or on the KSL-TV app.
7 years ago

The Best 2016 BYU Football Moments Covered By Cougar Tracks Game Day

Here's a highlight reel with some of the best moments from Cougar Tracks Game Day's coverage of the 2016-2017 BYU football season. Series hosted by Alex Kirry (KSL NewsRadio) and Dave Noriega (KSL-TV). Sponsored by Bank Of American Fork.
8 years ago