Emma Benson

Straightening up: How your posture affects your health

We're all guilty of slouching in our chairs. But did you know poor posture can cause serious health issues?
4 days ago

‘It’s very difficult’: RSL’s Diego Luna opens up about mental health struggles

Luna, a California native and Olympic hopeful, is in his second season as a midfielder for Real Salt Lake. He admits the season was off to a rocky start. Pressures on and off the field, including becoming a father, were affecting his mental state.
8 days ago

‘Elmo loves you!’ Our favorite red Muppet stars in mental health campaign

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we all deal with stress and different emotions. In January, Elmo asked a simple question online that sparked a huge conversation.
9 days ago

Breast MRI is helping detect cancer in high-risk patients

Intermountain Health is working on new advances in breast cancer screening by transforming early detection.
10 days ago

Fake Botox is sending people to the hospital. Here’s what you need to know

Millions of Americans get Botox every year, but as counterfeit versions are circulating, doctors are urging Utahns to be cautious
10 days ago

Sun safety reminders for Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and Utah has one of the highest rates of melanoma, about twice the national average.
16 days ago

New ‘Brain Boosters’ class helping seniors stay sharp

A new class is helping seniors in Utah County improve their brain health. "Brain Boosters" is held once a week at the Orem Senior Center to fight back against diseases like dementia.
23 days ago

Family holds blood drive for one-year-old boy fighting cancer

One-year-old Onyx Onederra was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia last month, an aggressive type of blood cancer.
23 days ago

400 days and counting: ER doc’s exercise streak improves his mental health

A Utah doctor is encouraging everyone to join him in getting into an exercise routine to help with their mental health.
24 days ago

Doctors say new ‘BEAR’ procedure could be future of ACL reconstruction

Meggan Mosyjowski suffered an ACL injury earlier this year while skiing and needed surgery. But as she discussed options with her doctor, she learned about a new procedure. 
25 days ago

Utah family shares their experience with three boys who have autism

April is Autism Acceptance Month, and a Utah family wants share their personal experience of learning to adapt and grow with the disorder.
1 month ago

Everybody cut loose: Utah actress recalls experience filming ‘Footloose’

Remember the scene in "Footloose" when Ariel climbs out of her friends' moving car and tries to get into her boyfriend's truck? The driver – Ariel's friend, Edna – was played by then-19-year-old BYU acting student Kim Abunuwara.
1 month ago

Utah dad gets second chance at life thanks to bone marrow transplant

Utah dad hopes to meet the person who gave him second chance at life thanks to a bone marrow transplant.
1 month ago

‘Keep away’: Salt Lake City officials urge water safety amid spring runoff

Salt Lake City officials warn everyone of high waters near parks and trails as warm weather melts the mountain snow.
1 month ago

Get moving: How to manage stress with exercise 

If not managed well, stress can cause serious health problems. So, how can you exercise to manage stress?
2 months ago

How to keep your kids on a regular sleep routine to reduce stress

Experts emphasize that sleep is therapy, both physically and emotionally, which is why it's important to keep you and your kids on a regular sleep routine.
2 months ago

Finding relief for seasonal allergies

For many people – about 1 in 4 adults – spring allergies are inevitable. Dr. Glen Porter, an allergist with Intermountain Health, said you don't have to be miserable.
2 months ago

Utah students survive earthquake during visit to Taiwan

As recovery efforts continue in Taiwan after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake, a group of Utah students who are part of a Chinese immersion program were visiting a cultural site when the quake occurred.
2 months ago

‘You’re worth it’: Provo couple sheds light on living with bipolar disorder

12 years ago, Annalaura's mother passed away. That unexpected family death triggered Christian's first bipolar episode.
2 months ago

‘It’s different every day’: Understanding multiple sclerosis and its prevalence in Utah

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, a chance to talk about this neurological condition which affects more than 30,000 Utahns.
2 months ago

‘We have excellent bridges’: UDOT assures infrastructure safety amid Baltimore collapse

The news out of Baltimore is tragic, and can cause us to wonder about the integrity of our own infrastructure here in Utah.
2 months ago

Utah mom, transplant recipient meets family of organ donor

When someone donates an organ, they give another person the gift of life. And many times, recipients and donors never get to meet each other, or thank their families. Well, a Utah mom was able to meet the family of her donor for the first time. Emma Benson caught up with them after their emotional reunion.
2 months ago

South Jordan combats water scarcity with new recycling water technology

As the Utah population grows, so does our need for clean water. One city is aiming to be more water-wise.
2 months ago

National Nutrition Month: How to talk about body image with your kids

March is National Nutrition Month, a campaign designed to promote informed eating choices and positive body image.
2 months ago